Three Important Questions

1. Are you moving into a new home, condo, apt etc or do you know all the people that have the existing key to your home?
We recommend having the existing locks on the home your are in now or if you’re moving to a new location you should have the locks re-keyed because you don’t know who might have a key to your place and you want to protect your valuables.

2. Are there deadbolts on the door?
It may be time to invest in deadbolts for your doors; they are actually the best security for the door. We sell and install deadbolts and we can even match them to your existing key system.

3. Do you have children/caretakers/maid service?
Instead of handing out all of those keys why not install a residential pushbutton lock on the door that is most commonly used. This will solve the issue with having to deal with keys and having to re-key or change your lock when you change caretakers/maid service or your children give out the combo to someone you don’t want to have it. This lock will hold 19 different codes at one time and you can add and delete at your own discretion.